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Lord Drakkon Kills SPOILER in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 25

This week’s issue of MMPR, which also happens to be Shattered Grid part 1 ends with a devastating blow for the Power Rangers thanks to the repowered Lord Drakkon. Here are spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 25.

The issue was written by Kyle Higgins with art by Daniele Di Nicuolo and as mentioned earlier, part 1 of Shattered Grid.

So there’s a lot of things that happened in this book, we get to see the death of Power Rangers Time Force, the fallout  from Promethea’s behind the back incarceration of Lord Drakkon, Drakkon’s escape, and then we get Tommy Oliver and Kimberly’s date.

What should be a sweet moment between the two turns ugly with the sudden appearance of Drakkon, who stabs Tommy from behind with the green power crystal.

Lord Drakkon stabs Green Ranger Tommy

Kimberly gets there too late as Tommy slowly dies. She’s also clearly outmatched by Drakkon who got his powers back thanks to the help of Ninjor.

Drakkon taunts Tommy after stabbing him; Kimberly races to save Tommy

She gets unexpected help from Time Force Pink who was sent to the past to save the future.

Lord Drakkon escapes and Jen is knocked unconscious from her time travel. Kimberly is left alone to deal with Tommy’s murder.

WOW! That’s really how you kickoff a crossover that spans several books and featuring a plethora of characters. Sounds right to me.

I got a few more Shattered Grid posts coming in the following days so keep your eyes peeled.

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