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AXE: Judgment Day # 2 Spoilers – Now we know why its called Judgment Day

A.X.E. Judgment Day # 2 spoilers incoming from Marvel which was written by Keiron Gillen and art by Valerio Schiti. And for this issue, we finally know why the book is called Judgment Day.

Recap: The Eternals led by Druig declares war against the mutants of Krakoa. They sent assassins to take out The Resurrection Five but that gets thwarted by Wolverine, the Eternal known as Uranos is set free and given one hour to kill Arakko aka Mars and all its inhabitants; he succeeds. And Druig also summons creatures known as The Hex to attack and destroy Krakoa and the mutants. Meanwhile Tony Stark and Ajak and a bunch of Eternals team up to stop Druig by “recreating a god”.

In this issue, its all out battle all over the place with Cyclops and Jean fighting different members of The Hex. The Avengers join the fight and we see Cyclops and Captain America teaming up in order to stop the invasion.


This roster consists of:

  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • Thor
  • Nighthawk
  • Starbrand
  • Echo as Phoenix
  • Namor

As the battle rages on, we also follow what Iron Man, Ajak, Phastos, Makkari and even Mr Sinister is doing around the world.

And before the Hex can completely destroy the mutants of Krakoa, Iron Man and the team are able to activate the dead Celestial that was once Avengers Mountain.

Iron Man and his team celebrate initially because the formerly dead Celestial, Arishem, has stopped the destruction of the mutants but then it begins to talk and speaks of judging every creature on Earth for their crimes and sins to their shock and horror; except for Sinister who seems to be smiling while this is happening.

In a scale of 1 to 10. My hype meter for this is around 6. I want the big team up but shoving the Eternals in a big crossover rather than try to grow them organically is a big frown for me. But hey, the art’s good and the script is pretty neat so onwards with this I guess.

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