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How The Avengers Got Avengers Mountain

In case you’re not updated with current Avengers lore, a new team has reformed with the Big Three and some heavy hitters like Captain Marvel and Black Panther. More importantly they new operate in the North Pole with a new HQ called Avengers Mountain.

But what is Avengers Mountain and how did they get it?

Spoilers from Avengers # 8 by Jason Aaron and David Marquez.

By the end of the fight with the First Celestials who invaded Earth thanks to Loki’s prodding, the Avengers win and the Celestials take away the evil celestial beings ad well as Loki.

Loki was also right to be credited with the formation of the team as he’s been the reason they keep reforming.

Before leaving Earth, the Celestials raise the dead Alpha Celestial who “created” humans on Earth when it crashed and died here.

As a gift and a reminder to the world that it wouldnt be there without the sacrifice of this Celestial.

We also find out that Black Panther brought over his people from Wakanda to work on this new base too.

So there you go, new base and new team. I personally loved how Jason Aaron gave us Avengers Mountain and how he plans to go about with his team. Hopefully we see this team for a long time.

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