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Kotobukiya Wolverine Laura Kinney announced

Kotobukiya has announced a new Kotobukiya Wolverine Laura Kinney bishoujo statue which should be out either this year or next.

Kotobukiya bishoujo wolverine

We don’t have photos of the actual product yet but Good Smile Company has already revealed the art they would use and the basis for the statue done by Shunya Yamashita himself.

I love the pose and I love the costume they picked which was the All New All Different Wolverine.

In this time period, Laura aka X-23 officially took on the mantle of Wolverine because her “dad” was “dead” already for some time now. It was this series and volume that gave fans Laura’s little sister Gabby aka Honey Badger who has shown spunk throughout the series and beyond.

Will you be getting or preordering the new Kotobukiya Wolverine Laura Kinney bishoujo statue? Leave a comment below and follow me on Facebook at thefanboyseo!

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