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Brick Burger Feliz Review -Bigger, Better, Brickier!

Recently visited the new Brick Burger branch in Ayala Mall Feliz and I’d like to share my thoughts on the new place in this Brick Burger Feliz review. What’s in store for visitors and what the menu would be like.

I did a review for the original store in Pasig three years ago and it looks like the brand and store has grown tremendously in the past three years. I’m surprised actually that they found a really, really great spot in Feliz Mall.


One of the best things about this new place is the fact that its A LOT bigger than their previous place in Pasig. This part of the review has met my expectation and I’m quite happy that they made it this way. It’s got more space for more people and storegoers to be honest. I like what they also done to the place; namely made the seats bigger and done away with the LEGO themed stools. And let me show you what the displays are…

The new store achieved a great balance that would appeal to both kids and adults alike.

The way the store was situated also deserves a slow clap. They managed to find a nice spot in the mall that has a lot of foot traffic. Imagine leaving the cinema and finding the new store just near the escalator; or grabbing something to bite in between bouts of Tekken 7 at the nearby Timezone.


In my last visit, I had a couple of favorites including the burger steak and the Darth Burger (the black burger with delicious caramelized onions and well-cooked beef). Imagine my surprise that after all these years, they still have the same magic…

They also brought in some of the classic stuff with one newbie in the list, looking at you Surf

ALL the burgers had distinct taste and not one of them felt like a filler. Everything’s the real deal when it comes to burger. If you want spicy burgers too, be sure to order the red one, the Wildstyle. That’ll kick things nicely.

Nothing’s changed with the taste and look for the Burger Steaks here in Brick Burger too.

The burger steak’s burger patties were exquisitely cooked and served with hot rice that just smells so good. The steak sauce hasn’t changed and it still has this distinct aroma about it. Each bite was wonderful so you know you’ll have a fall back. Also, there’s no “umay” factor for the burgers here. Like I tried most of their menu and I didn’t even get tired of the taste.

Some of the new stuff that they added here were the mac n’ cheese with chicken which I now adore.

The mac n’ cheese had this nice butter-y taste to it but its not overpowering, they got it right and when consumed with the fried chicken, you won’t even need rice. This had a nice symphony to it that plays nicely in your mouth with every bite. Together they taste wonderful but eat one then the other, its still its own concierto.


Another major point that I consider for the food reviews I do is price. Price is what determines whether its a place that you can revisit sometime or its something that’s just a one-time thing (because its expensive). For this Brick Burger Feliz review, I’m happy to report that most of the dishes they serve here are all well under P200. So for 200 pesos, you get a nice burger and fork in some extra and you get additional fries and beverage. That’s a solid, solid price point and it’s one thats well worth every centavo.


Ambiance is another thing for me to consider and in the case of Brick Burger, it feels cozy and authentic. I know I wrote this down earlier but it’s got sincerity and serious LEGO feels in this fast food joint. You feel like your this little minifigure having lunch or dinner in a big LEGO or at least brick-themed place; like it was made for you specifically to play around in and have a genuine good time.

The displays are also awesome!

Watch my vlog for the visit below:

Brick Burger Feliz Review – Verdict


10/10 will come back to this place again. It hit all the sweet spots for me, especially when it comes to food quality. ALL the burgers are to die for and have decent sizes and the price is justifiable too. All in all, its a nice restaurant to bring the whole family to.

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