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Kong: Skull Island Post-Credit Scene Descriptions (SPOILERS)

Hello, so now that we’re entering the weekend, I want to talk about or help you out understand the Kong: Skull Island post-credit scene.

By the way, there are MAJOR SPOILERS here so…

Kong: Skull Island Post-Credit description

The post-credit scene starts by being meta, with Tom Hiddleston’s Captain Conrad asking “why are you still here?” and “Why are you still there on your seats in that darkened room” and then the scene opens and we see Conrad and Brie Larson’s character being held in an interogation room complete with one-way mirrors.

Larson’s character even threatens to “tell the Russians” about Skull Island and their encounter with Kong.

Two characters go into the room, Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) and San (Tian Jing) and inform them that Kong is only the beginning and that the island expedition proved that the “Hollow Earth Theory” they’ve been selling all throughout the movie is true and that the Skull Crawlers were just the beginning.

Brooks then informs the pair that there are other monsters out there which ancient people have known about. Then the viewers as well as the two characters get shown some slides featuring photos of very familiar characters drawn on ancient caves.


We get to see ancient man’s depiction of monsters set to appear in Godzilla 2 namely:



King Ghidorah


Then the scene closes with Godzilla’s trademark roar.

So What’s Up with That?

Kong: Skull Island isn’t just a rebooted movie, it plays as glue for a new monster-verse for Legendary Pictures. This is like their version of when Iron Man’s post-credit scene where he first encounters Nick Fury.

Only this time you’ve got monsters instead of the Avengers, MONARCH instead of SHIELD and an expansive cast to humanize everything and play supporting role.

It’s still a while before cinemas get the chance to screen Godzilla 2 and there’s definitely plans to make things more conducive.

Check out my Kong: Skull Island review as well and she how I find the film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

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