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The Sandman Episode 6 Review – The Sound of Her Wings Review

Here’s my The Sandman Episode 6 review – The Sound of Her Wings Review now streaming on Netflix and starring Tom Sturridge as Dream and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death of the Endless.

This episode combines issue #13 “Men of Good Fortune” and “Preludes and Nocturnes” which was one of the more famous moments from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman run.

The episode expertly combines two issues fluidly and at the same time capturing the essence of what made “Sound” such a phenomenal read up until this day.

I could sum up the episode in a few years but that won’t mean squat because you really need to see the episode to enjoy it. To be honest, I saw the episode 3 times already before writing this and I am still enamored by what Netflix, Gaiman and the rest of the team did here.

Death meets up with his Death of the Endless in a park and they catch up while Dream watches his older sister at work which is bringing people to their final destination, he then goes off to meet with his immortal friend Hob Gadling, while we go on an extensive flashback scene.

Again, you need to see the episode to get a grip on why this also figures on the top of my list of The Sandman episodes.

Tom Sturridge gives us another side of Morpheus that we saw glimpses of, the mopey, moody Morpheus. And it plays well with this series’ Death played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste who’s got this amazing, bubbly character. And mind you they nailed the comic book panels here quite well.

I do miss the whole “peachy keen” panel which is mysteriously absent in the episode.

There’s a ton of really great dialogue here in this episode but that’s already a given since the source material was equally poignant and heavy. What it does add to the table is giving the scenes more life and nuances like the mild annoyance that our endless sadboi feels with his older sister teasing and prodding him.

Meanwhile there’s also the story of Hob Gadling, a human who gets the gift of immortality and whom Dream gets a fondness for. There are a few things that I liked about this bit. First there was that particular line that Hob delivered about wanting to continue to live despite all the hardships he just endured.

Secondly I love the sneaky little bit with the dialogues by the bar patrons whether its about magic or taxes or revolutions, it was there all throughout the segment and through the centuries.

Third I love the interaction between Dream and Hob, those misadventures they had which also involved Lady Johanna Constantine and especially their little rough patch and eventual reunion two centuries later.

Verdict: 10/10

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