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New Dragon Ball Super Card Game bringing in Gohan Beast from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The newest form of Gohan aka Gohan Beast will be appearing as a card in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game based on his appearance in the animated film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

This would be the 19th expansion for the card game and second under the Zenkai Series banner. This is also formally referred to as Zenkai Series: Fighter’s Ambition. According to reports this block will drop in stores 18th November and will feature booster packs, booster boxes, and premium packs.

Fighter’s Ambition set will also heavily feature stuff from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as well as other previous DBS materials like Dragon Ball Super: Broly and more.

In the film, the remaining heroes on Earth were forced to face against the returning Red Ribbon Army and brought about the introduction of Cell Max, the film’s surprise villain. And when Gohan sees Cell Max “kill” his mentor Picollo, Gohan snaps and that’s when we get his new form.

The new form is very similar to SSJ2 Gohan with a few differences namely the color of his aura, a longer spiky hair with a single bang and red eye balls.

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