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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Review

Here’s my Dragon Ball Super Super Hero review which is coming to theaters August 31 from Crunchyroll and Columbia Pictures Philippines.

We’ll try not to spoil anything big in this movie so this is spoiler-free.

So in this new film directed by Tetsuro Kodama, we get reintroduced to the Red Ribbon Army as they once more try to get revenge against Goku and his team. This time to try to do so with the help of Doctor Gero’s grandson, Dr. Hedo who also happens to be a young fanboy genius. Hedo creates a new set of Androids who are on the same level of most of our heroes.

The only problem with their plan is that both Son Goku and Vegeta are off planet training with Beerus.

So they suck in other members of Goku’s immediate family namely Son Gohan and his “dad” Picollo.


DBSSH is one for the books for me because it moves the needle for other Dragon Ball characters in the right direction. We totally forgot Gohan and how strong he was and I feel like that was a diss on our boy Gohan. But after Super Hero and how “canon” this is, I’m certain that the DBS team needs to give something to Gohan.

The plot is silly at times but it does help lighten the mood from Piccolo still being a dad to Gohan and a grandpa to Pan to him recognizing that he needs to step up, it feels like a great story. There were a number of instances were our review crowd LOL’ed at some moments.

Son Gohan doesn’t show up much for the first two acts of the film but when he does oh boy, are we in for a treat. The film definitely set out to remind us Dragon Ball fanboys why Gohan was supposed to be the MVP of the Dragon Ball Z and to some extent the oft-maligned Dragon Ball GT.

As early as now let me warn you that Goku and Vegeta’s appearance here can be classified as a cameo. They were barely in this.

There’s also a post-credit scene that you need to look out for. Didn’t see it but I’m using that as justification for watching the film again.


Not much new characters for Super Hero aside from Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 and those two will kind of grow on you as the movie progresses.

The two are portrayed as somewhat beings with a heart, just super misguided and super led on. By the time we get to the climax, we’re already cheering for them.

The design for the two androids are pretty cool too. This might not be for everybody’s liking but I dig this. Reminds me of Cyborg 009 including those retro ray guns.

Its also nice to see Son Goten and Trunks here albeit for the last stretch of the film. At least we know they are still around and are still capable fighters. Just hoping they too get their chance to shine in the future.

Pan is also a nice addition here and she too gets her own arc resolved at the end of the movie. So cute this character.


Don’t be surprised if they mixed in some 3D animation for this movie. Honestly speaking this is really the hate it or love it element of the film. Some people hated it others loved it. Personally I loved it; seamlessly blending the traditional with modern makes it fun. Plus in defense of the use of 3D, it helps give more dynamism to the action sequences while sticking to the schedule.

Like there’s one moment in the film where we literally shift to Pan’s POV and it looked good which also got me thinking would we have gotten the same effect had it been made with traditional?

Callbacks and References

I loved the numerous callbacks and references both from the original Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z. Mentioning those are considered spoilers so I’m not but seeing these references in the film will make you a kid again especially if you grew up in the time RPN-9 just kept removing DBZ and bringing it back after some time.

They also did a funny bit where Piccolo was asking Gamma 2 why there were words coming out of his attacks and moves.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was promising but could be jarring and divisive. I know that there will be complaints coming out of the cinemas but its a necessary step especially if the pay out from this movie is something they can use for future story arcs with the Dragon Ball Super manga which continues to run.

I hope they don’t fumble the (dragon) ball with Gohan and Piccolo at this point because they already made great stride with these two characters.

Personally its also high time that Son Gohan got back in the game after such a long time running on the sidelines.

Oh and Dragon Ball Super: Broly is still the superior DBS movie.

Special thanks to Columbia Pictures Philippines for the invite.. Catch Dragon Ball Super Super Hero when it opens August 31.

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