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Review: Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Goku and Vegeta returns for another massive brawl this time against another fan favorite Saiyan, Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The film was developed with creator Akira Toriyama and was directed by Tatsuya Nagamine.

The movie is set after the events of Dragon Ball Super, particularly after the Universal Tournament. This time Goku and Vegeta are thrust into a quest to find the Dragon Balls once more after its been stolen from Bulma’s lab.

The movie looks really good. Viewers are treated to crisp sequences done beautifully. If you ever saw that episode from Super where Goku fights Jiren and uses ultra instinct for the first time, its on that level. Actually, its quite higher up. Toei definitely upped their game for this animated feature.

The way the story was paced was also done great. It’s a linear stoey and there are even flashbacks which touches on another Dragon Ball Z movie, the story of Goku’s father Bardock.

And then there’s Broly who made his first appearance in a 90s movie where he beats most of the Saiyan boys and its only through a Kamehameha done by Goku, Gohan and Goten that they finally win the day.

You could say that the movie does all the fan service that would make any Dragon Ball fan happy. I was happy with the movie, felt satisfied leaving the screening room.

It almost hit the sweet spots in my book. Here’s a breakdown.

  • High octane action
  • Flashy animation
  • Cool character moments
  • A happy ending
  • An actual character development for Broly
  • Lots of humorous moments
  • Touches and references to the classic Dragon Ball series (looking at you Gotenks)
  • Rip-roaring soundtrack

One thing though, there were moments in the film with cheesy music and cheesy lyrics. You could almost feel like they did that on purpose too for promoting the movie abroad as well as when these awesome fight scenes eventually make their way to YouTube.

The viewing experience is also something for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Its a movie you don’t have to think hard about. You just buy the ticket (exclusively at SM Cinemas though) and the popcorn, get a good seat and see the fast-paced fight scenes.

Don’t be ashamed to go and cheer and clap too because I promise there are a lot of moments were you could do that. Who wouldn’t clap when you see the first canon meeting of Goku and Broly and then see them fight for 40 minutes or so. That’s just perfect.

Will you need to be a master or familiar with Dragon Ball continuity to enjoy this? Answer is no. Everything that needs to be explained gets explained in one form or another.

Without spoiling, you also will appreciate Broly in this movie. He’s got a neatly packaged back story that does away with all the useless segments. They did get to write bits of pieces that makes him a likeable character for viewers.

Lastly, I’m going to say that the movie is like two movies rolled neatly into one. As I mentioned earlier, there’s nicely animated retread of the Bardock movie fused together with the Broly movie without the heavy plot he had back in the 90s.

R. Kelly would be pissed too as there’s no pissing in this movie compared to that infamous moment from the previous movie that had Broly in it.

Bane would feel bad too as Broly seemed to have forgotten his other trademark move of breaking the backs of his enemies. That one, I too will miss.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Verdict


Go watch the movie. You don’t even need my recommendation. Just watch it, enjoy and savor those moments when you were a kid and thoroughly taking in every second of Dragon Ball Z. Maybe reminisce at how evil RPN 9 was back then when they suddenly took DBZ off the air. But seriously, go watch the movie.

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  1. July 20, 2020

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