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WildCATs # 1 Review

Here’s my WildCATs # 1 Review by Matthew Rosenberg and Stephen Segovia and let me tell you that its a pretty book and you need to pick it up. Read on up why.

Of course, this is required:

OK, so this issue was fun and I have to admit I really just miss the old days of WildCATs. We get introduced to most of the characters that will play significant roles for the book with the three members being Grifter, Zealot and Deathblow.

It’s different from the original version or the volume that Grant Morrison tried to build together with Jim Lee a decade or so ago. This one’s more team-ish, more banter friendly. In fact throughout the back it’s more talk either between the trio, or with Jacob Marlowe or with Ladytron who makes an appearance in this issue.

One of the bigger gripes here is the fact that they made Void look like an astronaut as opposed to the version we’re more familiar with but I’m guessing they have a plan for this.

I liked that they did tone down the sexy level of Gen 13’s Fairchild as here we can see her powers at play as she’s brought into a mission mainly as muscle. And it also gives us a look at how deadly these missions especially for untested and untrained operatives.

Segovia’s art here is pretty satisfying. I know we’ll never get the Jim Lee levels and all but the story matches the book. I did sometimes find the panels too cartoon-y. Maybe it’s got something to do with the colorist’s choices and execution. Not saying its bad but it sometimes feels out of touch.

There’s also a big part of the issue that deals primarily with Grifter and the ghosts he sees on a regular basis. This may be a plotpoint for future issues and that’s OK with me as long as we get to see more of the guy in action which he does. No word on the romance between Zealot though, which makes me want to go back and read the original run or watch the cartoon series.



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