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First Look at DC Multiverse Bane from McFarlane Toys

Here’s our first look at DC Multiverse Bane from McFarlane Toys and DC Comics based on the character’s most iconic appearance in the Batman and Detective Comics books.

Check out the figure and some of the official images for the figure after the cut.

Its going to be the same size or even bigger than the Man-Bat figure which is already out in the market and its also in scale with most of the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figures.

This also means that you can recreate the classic scene from the comics where Bane is able to break the Batman’s back during the Knightfall story still from DC Comics.

According to various sellers, this Bane figure is now on pre-order and will be priced at around Php1800 or above. This is totally fine because its the same price for the other “mega figures” from McFarlane that’s been released like the aforementioned Man-Bat, the Arkham City/ Arkham Asylum Killer Croc, and the two versions of Swamp Thing.

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