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Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Announced coming to the Ultraman Youtube channel in 2020

Tsuburaya Productions has released the brand new Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy teaser trailer as a way to celebrate their one million subscribers!

You can check out the Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy teaser trailer below

And here’s what Tsuburaya had to say about the release:

Mysterious aliens and evil monsters that shouldn’t exist are attacking!
Zero, Ribut, Taiga, Z (Zett), 80, Max, Mebius, Great, Powered, Grigio, and many more Ultra Heroes fight together to solve this mysterious case, which could end up affecting the whole universe. However, this is only the beginning! A conspiracy is underway – and stories are intersecting. What is the aim of the golden giant working in the shadows?!
While connecting to the TV series Ultraman Z as well, the new history of Ultraman begins!

They already had me with this scene with the OG Ultra brothers…

This isn’t the first series with a massive cast of Ultramen. There was 2019’s Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, which was posted in its entirety in the official Ultraman youtube channel. Check out the trailer for that series below:

… with an English dub no less! And had the bad ass Ultra Dark Killer and spearheaded by Ultraman Zero.

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