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Thor vs Shazam (Marvel vs DC)

Did you know that there was an actual Thor vs Shazam (Captain Marvel) fight which occured during the mega crossover Marvel vs DC.

There’s no real context here other than they were pit by cosmic forces representing the Marvel universe and the DC Universe to fight. The winner gets to survive, the losing universe dies.

I like how they were very courteous to each other. Very different from Shazam vs Superman which happened in Kingdom Come.

They even took the time to pray to their respective deities.

Its also fun to note that the two god-like heroes are doing their fight in an amusement area with Snapper Carr and Rick Jones “shoutcasting” the fight.

Captain Marvel lands the first strike but this 90s version of the god of thunder quickly retaliates that sends the mightiest mortal flying.

Pretty cool that he used the giant Ferris Wheel as a discus and throws it at Thor.

Billy Batson is ofcourse referring to his friend Freddie Freeman who was also gifted by the power to become Captain Marvel Jr.

Because mjolnir hit the lightning of Shazam, it got teleported elsewhere. We find out that the magical hammer was transported to where Wonder Woman was waiting.

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