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Marvel introduces Web-Weaver, new openly gay Spider-Man variant character

Marvel has introduced the new openly gay Spider-Man named Web-Weaver who will be appearing first in the anthology series Edge of Spider-Verse.

The character will appear in an issue of Edge of Spider-Verse which will serve as a prelude to the third chapter of the Spider-Verse saga that Marvel has been telling for a number of years already starting with Spider-Verse followed by Spider-Geddon and now End of the Spider-Verse.

The character will debut in Edge of Spider-Verse # 5 with writer Steve Foxe. Here’s what the writer posted on Twitter about this new openly gay Spider-Man…

And the character’s design was also done by Kris Anka who previously worked on X-Men and also did the punk rock redesign for Dazzler from a few years ago…

So what do you guys think of the design and creation of Web-Weaver? Leave a comment and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more comics news and updates.

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