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Vought International releases official statement regarding Starlight’s actions after The Boys Herogasm episode

At the end of the Herogasm episode from The Boys season 3, we see Annie January aka Starlight cause serious damage to the reputation of The Seven and the team’s captain Homelander.

In the series, at the end of the Herogasm episode with the venue torched, Annie went live on social media and exposed Vought International and Homelander. It was a brave moment for the character and one that really shines (no pun intended) for the season.

And just like in the real world, the scary big company issued a statement that not only refutes the claims of their former employee but also turns the tables on her.

Here’s what they posted on their Twitter account…

Man this was satire but its also deep. Let’s see what fans of the show and the books think about this so far? In the mean time, follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek stuff.

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