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Storm vs Vulcan (Gabriel Summers)

Storm seems to be consistent when it comes to beating up Summers brothers. She handed Scott Summers’ ass a while back and now she’s beating up the youngest Summers brother, Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan as seen in the pages of X-Men Red # 2. Check out the Storm vs Vulcan fight after the cut.



Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT for X-Men Red # 2 by Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli!

spoiler alert photo

In the short fight between the newly formed X-Men Red team based on Arakko, the invading Progenitors and the Brotherhood of Arakko we find the mutants at odds with each other.

While Magneto and the Arakki join forces to kill the Progenitors, Vulcan and Storm face off.

Storm shows that she is a superior combatant between the two and Vulcan is totally outmatched despite both of them confirmed to be omega level mutants.

The next thing Gabriel Summers knows is that he’s already in the infirmary and is quietly being manipulated by Abigail Brand (who is secretly working for the human group known as ORCHIS) giving him a target that he needs to kill in Arakko to make the Arakki mutants respect him just like how they respect Storm in that planet.

Looks like this will be the long running plot for the book which was originally introduced back in Al Ewing’s SWORD book which ended a few months ago.

And just for more context, here are the pages where it was Storm vs Cyclops…



I guess the biggest difference here was that Storm fought Cyclops with a little equal footing as opposed to Gabriel Summers who was clearly suffering from mental illness and a whole lot more.

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