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A Closer Look at the Voltes V Cake given to quarantine-breaking NCRPO chief

Reposting some photos, a closer look actually, at the Voltes V cake that was seen in the trending photos about NCRPO chief Debold Sinas amidst a community quarantine somewhere in Metro Manila.

So the tl;dr version of this is that Sinas allegedly was given a party to celebrate his birthday. It was posted as an entire album by the NCRPO Facebook page before being removed sometime later. In the party, there were a lot of clear violations that were seen including no-social distancing, a violation of the liquor ban and mass gathering. The next day, Sinas “apologized” but stated that the photos that circulated were faked and that the party was held last year.

In one of the photos, you can clearly see a Voltes V cake in the background. It was apparently order for the chief. Check out this Voltes V cake in all its glory below.

And here’s a resibo from the Facebook page of the baker who made the cake…

And guys, don’t throw your hate on the baker. I’ve been reading some comments and honestly, he/she is not at fault for this. She was only doing business. We still need to make the people under fire be accountable for what happened but the baker just did his/her part.

There was even a conversation posted saying how things have gone bad because of the Voltes V cake spotted at Sinas’ birthday “salubong”.

Politics and trending topics aside, I think the cake looks awesome. It’s not everyday you get to see something like this and the Voltes V franchise has long been ingrained into the Filipino people’s consciousness, thus the significance of the cake.

Do us a favor too and support the baker and the shop, if they can do something awesome like this then who knows what else they can create given the right time and budget.

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