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X-Men Red coming April 2022 with Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli and Russell Dauterman

Marvel has dropped new updates for the upcoming X-Men Red book which is part of the bigger “Destiny of X” story arc for the X-Men and we even get to see the covers for issue 1 and issue 2 of the book.

This title are a number of new titles coming in this year and replacing other X-Books under the Destiny of X banner.

Written by AL EWING
On Sale 4/6


Written by AL EWING
On Sale 4/27

Marvel also dropped a few more interesting details about the book which formally was a team book starring Jean Grey and her team of mutants after she was brought back by the Phoenix Force. So the “Red” in the title went from a reference to Jean’s hair but to the planet Arakko formerly Mars, which the mutants transformed into an extension of the mutant nation of Krakoa and a bigger planet for the mutants that were initially lost but was returned after the events of X of Swords.

Expect characters like Storm and Sunspot as well as SWORD regulars Abigail Brand and Cable and even former Quiet Council member and frequent SWORD guest star Magneto in this. And judging by the covers and details revealed about Immortal X-Men, Magneto will be hanging around more here in Mars rather than on Earth.

X-MEN RED #2 asks the question: WHO CAN TAME THE RED PLANET?

The mutants of Mars spent millennia worshipping war—and on what they now call Arakko, they’re keeping up their violent ways. Abigail Brand knows the red planet needs a firm ruler in charge. But Storm has other ideas, along with a broken Magneto in her corner and Sunspot making his own moves. It’s a new world… and someone has to claim it.

“Mutantkind terraformed Mars, bringing a dead world back to life and changing the Marvel Universe forever,” Ewing said. “Mars is now Planet Arakko, home to an ancient mutant society that spent thousands of years facing war, imprisonment and pain – and home to Storm, who won a place of power on their ruling council. Now Arakko has a chance to find peace at last and forge their own path to the future… but there are those who’d rather see them fenced in and subjugated. Does Mars really need X-Men to save it – or can the mutants of Arakko fight for themselves? Storm’s not the only one who’s asking… and the answers are in X-MEN RED.”

“After being part of Hickman’s work on the X men titles, I couldn’t imagine getting a greater opportunity. I was wrong! In my dream checklist, there was teaming up with Al Ewing, who is to me one of the most creative and funny writers out there. And now I can work with him on X MEN RED!” Caselli said. “I’m really putting all of myself in this title since I’m sure me and Al can leave a remarkable series in the X-Men universe. Working on Al’s script is a pure joy, I’m like a kid on a rollercoaster: emotions, adrenaline and a sense of wonder is what I feel everyday sitting on my drawing desk. I’m just sorry I can’t talk more about it but I’m more than sure readers will be happy and hooked from the starting point! Let me just say this: keep an eye on Storm…oh guys…Storm….”

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