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Marvel begins teasing Judgment Day calling for a war between the Avengers, X-Men and the Eternals

Marvel is signaling the start of war as they dropped the first teaser for Judgment Day, a possible story that will see a war between the Avengers, the X-Men and the Eternals.


At the moment, there are no creative teams attached for the project but that could be announced in the next few days. So far we only know that there will be a crossover between the books. What I’m wondering right now is whether they will be doing what they did with Avengers vs X-Men or AvX where they had a main book and then stories trickled down to the different titles for Avengers and X-Men during AvX.

What we do know right now is that The Eternals are pissed with The Avengers because they turned the corpse of a dead Celestial into their new base of operations, calling it Avengers Mountain.

There was already one panel where the Eternals, particularly Ajak, was ready to attack the base; one thing they forget was that the Avengers Mountain thing was given to the team with the consent of the Celestials back in the first story arc for the Avengers written by Jason Aaron.

Meanwhile, I can see the beef with the X-Men and the mutants of Krakoa because of their ability to cheat death. Remember in House of X / Powers of X, it was revealed that the mutants can now be brought to life with the help of the Resurrection Five led by Hope Summers.

This will seem to be a big deal and would probably be the brunt of Immortal X-Men which will star the Krakoan Quiet Council which has made some changes in the composition here and there. The Kieron Gillen book with artist Lucas Werneck also showed off the first important story beat which was Magneto quitting the council as seen in Immortal X-Men # 1.

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