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How they Clone Mutants in House of X # 5 (Spoilers)

House of X # 5 was a doozy this week and we have to thank Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz for this fantastic issue. First off, prerequisite reading includes Uncanny X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and of course the past few issues of both House of X and Powers of X.

Ok , so in this issue, we find out that Xavier does have a backup plan when one of the X-Men dies.

We already saw that in House of X # 1 that there was a scene with Xavier and a bunch of mutants popping out of what looks like eggs and then the founder going “to me my X-Men”.

It turns out that the process is complicated than what it seems. Readers learn about the resurrection process in Krakoa through a conversation between Magneto and Polaris.

Jonathan Hickman reveals that there are five mutants needed to pull off the resurrection.

Its revealed that there are various mutants who have bonded together as they revive dead mutants. In a span of a few pages, Hickman through Magneto’s dialogue with Polaris shows readers how the process works.

Im actually suprised how Hickman managed to inject elements from Brian Michael Bendis’ X-Men run. I mean he elevated Goldballs from a silly and comedy character to one that plays a very important role, the one who generates the egss that would be used to house the clone. There’s also Eva Bell, who we haven’t seen in awhile. And even former X-Men baddie Proteus plays.

And when the people hatch from their egss, Charles Xavier will then transfer memories into the respective mutants, as seen when he brings back Cyclops and the rest of his squad who went to space to take out the Mother Mold.

Once that’s done, Xavier gets his mutants back and the whole no more mutants thing would be a thing of the past.

This early part of the issue is definitely worth the book’s price. Cannot help but be excited with this story. If only we can finally find out which reality this is in terms of Moira MacTaggert’s life it would be.

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