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Guilty Gear Strive Story Trailer launched, English dub cast announced

Arc System Works has released a new Guilty Gear Strive story trailer and also revealed the english dub cast.

Check out the new story trailer for the game which is scheduled for release June 11 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC.

Guilty Gear Strive Story Trailer

The Guilty Gear Strive story trailer also revealed an English dub cast which includes:

David Forseth as Sol Badguy
Matthew Mercer as Zato=1
Ed Bosco as Chipp Zanuff
Evan Michael Lee as Nagoriyuki
Kae Min as Anji Mito
Jamieson Price as Leo Whitefang
Sean Chiplock as Ky Kiske
Armen Taylor as Potemkin
Alexander Gross as Axl Low
Anthony Alabi as Vernon
Kaiji Tang as Faust
Eden Riegel as May
Amber Lee Connors as I-No
Tara Platt as Millia Rage
Lilimar as Giovanna
Laura Stahl as Ramlethal Valentine
Derek Stephen Prince as Asuka
Richard Epcar as Gabriel
Nicole Tompkins as Aria
Sarah Williams as Erica
Steve Barr as Goldlewis

As mentioned earlier, the game was supposed to come out April 2021 but delays pushed back the game’s release to that of June 11 for the PS4, PS5 and PC. There is a bit of good news however as buyers who bought the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition will be able to get their hands of the game as early as June 8, a few days before the official public release.

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