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Donnie Yen teases Ip Man 4 for December Release

Donnie Yen recently posted a teaser poster for Ip Man 4, the final chapter in his Ip Man film franchise and its nearer than you think.

He wrote on his Facebook page:

Thank you all for many years of love and support for this incredible journey!
This Dec, 20th, my fourth saga and the final! ✊
@sweetcil #donnieyen #ipman #martialarts #kungfu #actionstar #grandmaster #icon

The film has seen massive growth ever since it was first shown.

In the film franchise, Yen plays legendary master Ip Man aka Yip Man, a Wing Chun kung fu master who has trained the likes of Bruce Lee.

He has trained a number of martial arts master during his lifetime. Also here’s an added trivia. He died of throat cancer a few months before the death of his most famous pupil, Bruce Lee.

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