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Attack on Titan 139 spoilers – What happened to Mikasa?

What happened to Mikasa Ackerman at the end of Attack on Titan 139 aka Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 139?

Spoilers after the cut…

We catch up with the aftermath of the battle with Eren finally falling and we get an extended sequence of conversation between Armin and Eren. The end though, Eren tells Armin that he’ll wipe his memory of this encounter.

By the end of the battle Armin and Mikasa Ackermam recover their. Memories from the time they met with Eren Jaeger aka the Attack Titan and their childhood friend. Armin is once again in the battlefield when he is approached by Mikasa carrying the severed head of Eren.

They remember that Eren has sacrificed his life to finally get rid of the titans once and for all and start the world into a path of peace. He just had to die to start.

Armin says goodbye to Mikasa as they both know that if they get caught, Eren will never get a proper burial. Mikasa also informs Armin of where she plans to bury Eren’s remains. His favorite place.

Armin tearfully says goodbye to Mikasa and gets going to stop further bloodshed by confirming that they are no longer shifters and fhere are no more titans in existence.

We then get a three year time jump and Armin and the crew return to Paradis Island to start peace talks with Historia. This is also the segment where we see Levi, Gabi and Falco awaiting bg the arrival of Armin, Annie, Reinier and the rest of the peace ambassadors.

Meanwhile we also see Mikasa sitting under the tree she told Armin about, Eren’s final resting place.

It looks like Eren got the peace he wanted for and stopped the titans too but didn’t get to spend the rest of his life with Mikasa.

Damn that was a good ending. Thanks for the rollercoaster ride Attack on Titan.

So there you go, Attack on Titan 139 spoilers and what happened to Mikasa at the end.

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