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Levi Ackerman’s fate at the end – AOT 139 Spoilers

Big AOT 139 spoilers today starting with the fate of our favorite titan killing machine Levi Ackerman.

Again spoilers for Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin.

As the battle ends Levi is incapacitated but alive. As he’s slumped down, he sees the ghosts of his fallen comrades and troops all of them smiling and happy.

They say their goodbye and give Levi one final salute.

Levi does the salute too before they all fade away.

Interestingly enough, the man actually finds the peace he was looking for and even has Gabi literally attending to him…

Or rather Gabi is guiding him, much like how he guided Gabi when she first appeared in the story.

At least Levi Ackerman gets his peace. At least one of the main characters in Attack on Titan gets a happy ending.

Damn. Didn’t know Attack on Titan’s ending would be emotionally packed.

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  1. April 11, 2021

    […] return to Paradis Island to start peace talks with Historia. This is also the segment where we see Levi, Gabi and Falco awaiting bg the arrival of Armin, Annie, Reinier and the rest of the peace […]

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