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Spider-Man: Homecoming Post Credit Scene explaination

We finally got to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and now we have can finally do an explainer post for the Spider-Man: Homecoming post-credit scenes which was featured in this new film from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

We also have to remind you that there are major Spider-Man: Homecoming spoilers in this post. If you don’t want spoilers, you can check out my Spider-Man Homecoming review instead.

Spider-Man Homecoming Post Credit Scene 1

Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes in Homecoming

In the first scene, we see Adrian Toomes in jail meeting with a familiar face in the slammer. Its Mac Gargan, who was apprehended by the FBI during the ferry scene.

Gargan confronts Vulture about a rumor that suggests that Toomes knows the Spider-Man’s identity. Toomes looks at his cellmate and denies the rumor. Adding that if he knew who Spidey was he would be the first to kill him.

What does this all mean?

This scene sets up the new dynamic between Toomes and Parker. He is now willing to protect Parker’s identity but he hasn’t forgotten who put him there. If this is the same level for personal other members of the Sinister Six would have with Parker, then our young hero is so screwed. He may even have to regret his decision of passing up on Tony Stark’s offer of becoming a full-fledged member of the Avengers.

The appearance of Mac Gargan in this scene could mean two things. One its a subtle reference to the formation of the Sinister Six. After all, three of the six members of the vaunted supervillain team has already made an appearance in the MCU.

Gargan’s involvement here can mean two things, one its a reference and a nod to Sony’s Venom movie. And two it also gives us a little teaser into Marvel’s way of worldbuilding, something that they have become really good at.

Spider-Man Homecoming Post Credit Scene 2

In the second Spider-Man Homecoming post-credit scene, we find Chris Evans’as Steve Rogers as Captain America in his Avengers movie costume, you know, the dopey looking one.

Just like his other “cameos” in the movie, Captain America is once again seen in an instructional video this time talking about the concept of patience. He starts the video by pulling up a chair in front of the camera, sitting down and looking at the came. He talks about the importance and how sometimes its not really worth your time. He then ends the video asking somebody from behind the camera how many of these videos he has to make.

What Does it Mean?

It could be that director Jon Watts was simply playing with the viewers. He’s basically trolling us by giving us something that we are already looking forward and then having not much substance at all. Cap definitely makes fun of us with his monologue about being patient and not getting anything from it in return.

He could also refer to any teasers for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War which was not present here. Better luck with Thor: Ragnarok which will be coming out around November.

Got any other take on the two Spider-Man: Homecoming post-credit scenes? Leave a comment in the comment section and let’s discuss!

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