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LEGO Minifig Hints at Supreme Leader Snoke Being a Jedi

LEGO minifig hints at Star Wars new trilogy baddie Supreme Leader Snoke looking very much like a jedi in minifig format

A user on Reddit shares an interesting set of photos based on the upcoming Star Wars LEGO minifigures from the set based on Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The set that was “leaked” on the social bookmarking site features a First Order officer together with BB-9, Finn in his new Resistance uniform AND Supreme Leader Snoke.

Take a look at the aforementioned photo below:

LEGO minifig of Supreme Leader Snoke

Take note that this isn’t the gigantic hologram form we’ve seen from Star Wars The Force Awakens but rather an actual person, an actual person. Not only that, the Supreme Leader Snoke LEGO minifig looks like he’s wearing traditional Jedi robes.

This is twice interesting too because there are already rumors that Snoke IS the titular LAST JEDI in the second installment of the new Star Wars trilogy. It’s a fun read and if you’ve got the time, you can click HERE to read all about this theory.

The Reddit poster ends his post with the question “What if what we know as Jedi are not really Jedi after all? What if Snoke is the last Jedi, in its original form?”

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