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Hawkeye set photos reveal Alaqua Cox as Echo aka Maya Lopez

New Hawkeye set photos have surfaced online featuring a good look at Alaqua Cox as Echo aka Maya Lopez dressed in her vigilante costume.

Check out the lo-res images after the cut!

Hawkeye set alaqua cox

There’s nothing really much to go by when it comes to Echo’s costume in the comics because its a generic black set ninja gear. Even when she graduated from the New Avengers or rather when the series ended, she didn’t get much changes in the costume. She did wear the Ronin costume first so maybe this could be revisited in Hawkeye.

Alaqua Cox also shot scenes involving motorcycles where she was also wearing protective gear.

Hawkeye set photos alaqua cox

Nice bike too if i can say so myself…

No word yet on when Hawkeye will officially air but its slated for release 2022 over on Disney+. It stars Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop also going by the codename Hawkeye. Vera Farmiga is also set to appear in the series as Kate’s mother Eleanor with many fans also speculating that she could also be Madame Masque.

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