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House of X # 4 Spoilers – The Bodycount

I will reserve my comments for the review for House of X # 4 on my Youtube channel but for this post, lets just do a straight House of X # 4 spoilers post.

House of x # 4

This issue was brought to us by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz.

Last issue, the X-Men gets blown up by one of the people responsible for Mother Mold. We pick up from that issue with Cyclops’ suicide squad with some immediate casualties including  Husk…

Death of husk

… and Archangel…

Death of archangel house of x

The team soldiers on with their mission though with each surviving member going for the four collars holding Mother Mold in orbit around the sun. Jean Grey and M stay by the ship to establish communication with Charles Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Emma Frost and more.

The mission is underway and we see three of the four collars already released by Cyclops, Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Mystique isn’t quite as successful as her teammates though…

Death of mystique house of x

She ends up dead in space, sucked by the airlock being opened by Omega Sentinel.

Back in the X-Men’s ship, Monet St. Croix aka M puts Jean in an escape pod and holds the line as the Orchis Project soldiers swarm their ship. She puts a valiant last stand against the soldiers much to the shock of Jean who slowly floats away in the pods.

Death of monet house of x

With Mystique failing to release her target, Wolverine and Nightcrawler decide to make a sacrifice play to e sure that Mother Mold falls. Kurt teleports Logan outside so he can manually cut the collar. This would kill both of them though.

In the page above you can see Nightcrawler instantly burning up after teleporting Wolverine to where he needs to slice the collar to release Mother Mold into the sun.

Below, we see him do just that but at the expense of his own life.

Cyclops looks on as Wolverine dies along with the Mother Mold. He tries to follow Jean but he gets ambushed by Omega Sentinel who shoots him with nannites to stop him from accessing his optic blast.

He is killed eventually, shot point blank with a gun.

And if you think Jean Grey made it out alive, you are wrong because the sentinels who were called back last issue by Orchis finally makes it to the secret space station and swarms Jean’s escape pod.

Charles and the rest of the X-Men are powerless to help them all the way from Earth.

The ending has Professor X saying “no more”.

Check out what additional things I have to say about the issue in this House of X # 4 Spoiler Review:



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