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Marvel revisiting Heroes Reborn with new teasers with mash-up characters

Didn’t we see them mash-up some characters a year or so ago with Infinity Warps? Looks like Marvel isn’t done with the mashing though as they released a set of new teasers for the upcoming Heroes Reborn story they are building.

heroes reborn doctor doom

We actually have several teaser images for this new project and its hit or miss for me really. Let’s talk about each one of these teasers below. But before that, here’s the official teaser/ announcement on Marvel’s Twitter account for the upcoming event.


Doctor Doom/ Juggernaut


I did like the one that’s most talked-about namely the Juggernaut/ Doctor Doom character. We’re seeing a huge Doom on his throne wearing an armor that’s a mix between his classic one together with elements from the Juggernaut’s. There’s also the Cyttorak gem in his chest that’s bursting with energy. How and why this happened, we’re still not sure.

Peter Parker

There’s also this interesting teaser featuring Peter Parker without the Spider-Man costume and snapping away at some hero flying past him. This has a very strong Jimmy Olsen vibe to it. And could he be looking at another mashed-up hero or is this just The Vision flying past him?

Reed Richards and Ben Grimm Agents of SHIELD

Then there’s this teaser featuring a non-stretchy Reed Richards together with a non-Thing Ben Grimm. Both wearing SHIELD uniforms and very busy with that BFG. They obviously look like regular folks guarding and researching on the Negative Zone prison 42 which we saw in Civil War.

Enchantress/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch

We also have a really “out there” mash-up between Enchantress and Scarlet Witch with Wanda Maximoff wearing the colors of the Asgardian Enchantress together with her own classic uniform. I’ve read that there could also be elements of Quicksilver here but I don’t see it in this teaser image.

Vampire Thanos?

Marvel wants to bring back the classic Thanos. We’re seeing the mad Titan back to his classic costume and even brandishing the Infinity Gauntlet once more. A lot of comments online suggest that this could also be the Mandarin’s ten rings but its not there in the teaser image. What’s apparent though are those fans he’s baring. Could this Thanos be a vampire? 

Honestly I’m tired of them revisiting their old stories and not hitting the mark. I wanted to like Infinity Wars but that was such a big headache to understand with the main goal being to bench Drax the Destroyer and making Gamora become this new character and probably kill Thanos for the umpteenth time.

Omega Sentinel Wolverine and Military Alpha Flight

We’re also bound to meet a militarized version of Canadian superteam Alpha Flight, this time led by Wolverine. The difference here is that they have a Canadian Sorcerer Supreme and a very Omega Sentinel looking Logan. And Sasquatch also looks more demonic, probably some ties to the “Green Door” that he’s connected with over at Immortal Hulk.

Speaking of Hulk…


We have a smiling or at least a grinning Hulk, completely different from the current one walking around the Marvel Universe. This isn’t Demon Hulk or the star of the Immortal Hulk but rather a more classic version of the green goliath. And where is he? He looks like he’s off-world again fighting monsters.

Lastly we have Phil Coulson running for US President.

At any rate, this should be worth looking into. Heroes Reborn is set for release later this year from Marvel. And also need to give a big “wow” to artist Carlos Pacheco who did great work on these teasers.

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