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Who is Requiem (Infinity Wars # 1)

This week’s Infinity Wars # 1 reveals to us who is Requiem and why its supposed to be a doozy (although to be frank it felt more of a snooze-fest).

When Marvel first asked the question who is Requiem, there were a number of fans who already called the new character’s identity. It based on the teasers, you can easily see why.

Anyway, in Infinity Wars # 1, Doctor Strange calls for a meeting with all the owners of the six Infinity Stones.

As the six together with their own supporting crew argue and eventually come to blows with their ideas on how to deal with the threat of Thanos, a sudden appearance disrupts the fight.

What made the whole Who is Requiem thing a supposed big deal was her murdering Thanos in cold blood. And as she appears on Earth, she chucks the mad titan’s head, a possible call back to the Infinity War movie where Thanos tells Thor to “go for the head”.

Drax the Destroyer gets thrown miles away which doesnt sit well with his former teammates in the now disbanded Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rocket and Groot attack and Rocket manages to blast off Requiem’s mask…

It’s then revealed that Requiem is Gamora.

So who is Requiem?

Answer is Gamora. She stole the Power Stone from Peter Quill, she got back at Drax for hitting her and she also successfully kills Thanos. And the Power Stone is also being used as part of Gamora’s new sword.

Damn. Is Quill officially dead?

Ok Infinity Wars, you have piqued my attention mildly. I should probably do a quick recap for readers who want to follow.

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