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Marvel’s Civil War # 1-7 Spoiler and Explainer

I’m sure by now there are thousands of people who’d have already seen Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War and went “did this really happen in the comics”? Well worry not as #TeamFanboy is here to give you the lowdown, nitty gritty on the Civil War comic book written by Mark Millar and art by Steve McNiven.

Civil War 01

So there’s a prelude book starring the Illuminati but we’ll do that at some other point in time. Right now, lets do the main book and branch out in the days to come.

Civil War begins with the New Warriors, now reality TV stars on the hunt for supervillains, stumbling in a group of supervillains in Stamford, Connecticut.

Civil War 02

The fight is brutal and even gets taken to the streets; where Namorita beats up the villain known as Nitro in front of a school…

Civil War 07

Nitro doesn’t take this kindly so he literally blows up killing hundreds of kids…

Civil War 08


After the explosion, US-based heroes like the Avengers and the X-Men come over to help in search and rescue operations with Captain America and New Avengers co-leader Iron Man talking about the impact this has on the community and the world.

Civil War 09+10

In another part of ground zero, Goliath, Ms. Marvel and Wolverine talk about the general vibe after this and what the US government wants to do with the superpowered individuals…

Civil War 13

Days later, Tony Stark attends the funeral for the kids who perished in the Stamford event, only to get spat on by the kid’s mom, Miriam Sharpe. This triggers something in Tony Stark which we will later see.

Civil War 15

In New York, Johnny Storm aka Human Torch is assaulted in front of a club. Why was he beaten? Because people think he was arrogant in light of the recent New Warriors debacle.

Civil War 18

After Johnny’s beating, the heroes meet in the Baxter Building where they try to figure out what needs to be and what to say to people who have begun hating the superhero community, pinning the blame solely on them.

Civil War 19

Civil War 20 Civil War 21

Visibly absent from the gathering is Captain America who at this point is meeting with SHIELD’s director Maria Hill. Rogers has been tasked by SHIELD to lead the so-called “Capekillers”in hunting down unregistered heroes when the SHRA or Superhuman Registration Act has been signed.

Civil War 24

Civil War 25

Civil War 26

Civil War 27

Nobody does “badass”more than Captain America.This scene also reminds me of that scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Rogers goes “language”.

Civil War 30

Civil War # 1 ends with the president meeting with the three proponents of the SHRA – Iron Man, Reed Richards and Hank Pym aka Yellowjacket.

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