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T’Challa returns as Black Panther in new series by Eve L. Ewing and Chris Allen

T’Challa returns as the Black Panther in new series written by Eve L. Ewing and Stormbreaker artist Chris Allen! 

Check out the cover for Black Panther # 1 down below

So the premise for this new volume of Black Panther puts T’Challa in exile. He’s no longer the king of Wakanda but at the same time cannot leave the country because he has sworn to become Wakanda’s protector. This forces him to become a street level vigilante operating in the Wakandan city of Birnin T’Chaka.

Marvel states that this is going to be a new direction for the character as well as introducing new creative team and new villain. They even gave T’Challa a redesigned costume for the character when Black Panther # 1 rolls out.


The book is slated for release June 2023.

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