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Betrayal is the game from X-Men FCBD 2020

We’re finally getting good quality scans for Marvel’s X-Men 2020 and it looks like betrayal will be the name of the game in the coming months.

The story for the Free Comic Book Day feature for the X-Men is that Saturyne has returned is looking to return to Otherworld where some of the X-Men have taken residence as an extension of Krakoa.

We get a tease of what’s to come for the X-Men books namely the return of the original Horsemen of Apocalypse which ties in with the

So since we’re talking about Excalibur and Apocalypse here, we all know that the mutant who will most likely betray the team would be Apocalypse. But then there’s also Mystique who is still trying to get her partner Destiny brought back to life.

But that could be all a red herring and there’s another council member who could betray the mutants to the humans during the crossover event X of Swords which will be coming in September.

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