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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Teases the Return of Super Saiyan 4 Form

Yes it looks like Super Dragon Ball Heroes is bringing back the classic Super Saiyan 4 Form from Dragon Ball GT for their current adventure!

This teaser poster featuring the Super Saiyan 4 Forms of Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta are part of the upcoming Big Bang Mission 3. Take note also that these things fall under the category of spin-off rather than canon as “Super Dragon Ball” happens in an alternate reality. Think of it as another Dragon Ball GT with Akira Toriyama’s blessing and not protest (unlike what happened with GT) which happens after the events of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Super: Broly!

After all, both of the fighters have red hair in this form, and it is not just a trick of the light. Their hair is full red as if they had fused, so that is telling. The pair also have an aura of red energy similar to the Super Full Power Saiyan 4 form, but that is not all. They have a glowing purple aura on top of their red one, and that is why fans have labeled this new form as Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4.

What do you guys think of this new development for Super Dragon Ball Heroes? Excited to see classics like Janemba also appear in this spin off?

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