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Funko reveals More Batman Pops including Red Son Batman and The Merciless Funko Pop

Funko continues to shell out more Batman Funko Pops and for this particular wave we have three new additions from various stories and appearances including The Merciless Funko Pop.

The merciless batman funko pop

Ok so what we’re seeing are two regulars and one exclusive figure from Hot Topic.

The Red Son Batman looks just about iconic as the Dark Knight’s appearance in the classic Red Son book by Mark Millar.

Bat-Mite ofcourse is the lovable 5th Dimension being who has allied himself with Batman and Robin.

The Merciless hails from the Dark Multiverse and was one of the seven evil Batmen that invaded the world in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights Metal.

He was the Batman who had taken over the mantle of god of war from the Olympian god Ares. Batman took the helmet after initially thinking that Wonder Woman had been killed in their battle with Ares. After brutalizing his universe, he joins the Batman who laughs and Barbatos in invading the main DC Universe.

Death of wonder woman the merciless # 1

According to reports, both Red Son Batman and Bat-Mite are currently on preorder and will be released December. No official release date for the Merciless Funko Pop though.

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