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The Green Goblin returns in Amazing Spider-Man # 850

Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin is set to return once more in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man # 850.

green goblin

So unlike Norman’s last return in Absolute Carnage, we get to see him in his classic guise as the Green Goblin.

So no, we won’t be seeing the Red Goblin nor do we see the Iron Patriot but the original Spidey nemesis.

We also get to see promotional art by artist In-Hyuk Lee who is gaining popularity with his covers for both DC and Marvel. Check out the raw version art below:

That’s creepy.

Having Osborn around means that there would be death hanging around. the Green Goblin was responsible for the deaths of several Peter Parker friends and family like Gwen Stacy and Flash Thompson.

Let’s see how this all pans out and how Normal makes his triumphant return.

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  1. September 3, 2020

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