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The Evil Batmen Covers for Dark Nights: Metal Are Stuff of Nightmares

DC Comics has released new art for the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal one-shots featuring the evil Batmen hybrids that’s been unleashed on Earth after the events of Dark Nights: Metal # 1.

First on the list of evil Batment revealed is The Joker-Batman hybrid which was absent from the promotional art revealed during DC’s appearance at SDCC 2017.

To make it more chilling, this one bears the fang-y grin of the Joker together with the pale white skin and a sharpened Batman cowl. Definitely takes the “twisted Batman” concept to a whole new level. It’s not helping quell the nightmare that the art was done by “Batman” and “Dark Nights: Metal” artist Greg Capullo.

Next on our list of evil Batmen hybrids is the Flash hybrid aka The Red Death…

Batman- The Red Death

Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Cover by: Jason Fabok
Written by: Joshua Williamson

What truly terrified me from the set of evil Batmen that’s been revealed by DC Comics was the cover for Batman: The Murder Machine which features the hybrid of Batman and Cyborg…

I don’t know. Maybe its that tank design with a skullified Batman and the sight of the Justice League getting zapped. Pretty scary.

Art by: Ricardo Federici
Cover by: Jason Fabok
Written by: Frank Tieri

Last from this batch of evil Batmen is Batman: The Dawnbreaker which is a hybrid of Batman and Green Lantern…

Art by: Ethan Van Sciver
Cover by: Jason Fabok
Written by: Sam Humphries

We even got a three page unlettered preview for Batman: The Dawnbreaker # 1

Kinda gruesome but I like it. I wouldn’t mind shelling out extra for these evil Batmen one-shots from Dark Nights: Metal.


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