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Its the Return of the Superman/Batman Composite Robot – Dark Nights Death Metal # 2 Spoilers

Spoilers up for Dark Nights Death Metal # 2 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo with the return of the Superman/Batman composite robot!

This was last used in Superman Batman # 6 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness where it was piloted into outer space by Captain Atom to save Earth from a Krpytonite meteor headed for Earth.

This was created by the young Toyman, who was commissioned by Batman to get it up and running.

And between then and now it looks like they made a Trinity mech; which was what Batman intends to use to go to space and rescue some of the heroes that have been captured and enslaved by The Batman Who Laughs and the main point of issue 2.

You see Batman’s plan was to rescue Superman in New Apokolips as he’s about to give up and submit to the Anti-Life Equation which is bad news for every hero still alive. Wonder Woman and her team consisting of a bad-ass Swamp Thing and a Dr Manhattan powered Wally West Flash join Bats on this new adventure to get rid of Perpetua and rallying together their remaining forces.

And they travel to Batman’s secret bunker housing this ship in the middle of the desert to do so.

Unfortunately for them The Batman Who Laughs had become a new character called The Darkest Knight and knows exactly what they plan to do. Bad enough that this guy has the Batman who Laughs’ brain and the body of a Batman/Doctor Manhattan hybrid from another universe.

This should really be interesting!

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