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Will Omega Red really be in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or was this from Deadpool 2?

There’s a new screenshot that’s been circulating online that features the X-Men villain Omega Red and it’s being linked with the upcoming Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. You can check out the supposed image from the Disney+ series after the cut.

As you can see the mutant creation from the Russian secret facility called the Red Room is seen brandishing his traditional whips and looks menacing.

So here’s what I think. This is a highly possible thing to happen already. For starters the series is looking to tap on some familiar X-Men places and characters. We know that they are already mentioning Madripoor in an episode and now Omega Red.

There’s also the connection of Bucky Barnes with both the US and the Russians and that could have big implications especially since both men are rumored to take on the role of Captain America as opposed to just being Sam Wilson.

And here’s why I think this isn’t for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Deadpool 2 had already done Omega Red.

And the strange thing is that the photo with the actor under the Russian villain’s makeup seems really completed already. It looks like they already shot scenes for the film but then they decided to cut it during editing. And it did not even end up in the deleted scenes. So what I’m saying is that this image could have come from Deadpool 2 rather than from the new series.


You have to also see that the TFATWS version seems decked out and ready to fight (still not sure whether this was CGI or an actual shot from the set of the series) whilst the one from Deadpool 2 is seen wearing a penitentiary uniform. No way they’d go and produce a costume for the Russian madman unless, he was the intended villain for the movie instead of Juggernaut.

I swear this discussion opens just one rabbit hole after another. For now I guess this is a cool thing to see. It lets fans know that Marvel really has plans for the mutants to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka the MCU and hopefully they would continue to populate the world with more mutants with each new series they come up with.

And hey we also have USAgent onboard for this series.

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