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SecretLab The Joker Gaming Chair Recently Announced

One bit of news related to DC FanDome that got buried by all the hype and good stuff was the reveal of a new SecretLab The Joker Gaming Chair which features the Clown Prince of Crime’s motif in one of those impressive gaming chairs.

This would be the third DC Comics inspired product from the gaming chair maker with past releases including a Batman chair and a Birds of Prey gaming chaair. This new product was announced and revealed during #DCFanDome and comes into variants namely the Omega and the larger Titan version. Both products will have the standard green and purple pattern that makes up The Joker’s classic suit. This gaming chair also features a purple seat base and wings along with the iconic “Ha Ha” laughter.


These two chairs are part of the SecretLab 2020 series and promises to be one of the most comfortable seats you’ll ever put you butt in. And it’s also a great time because a lot of great games are coming from DC as revealed including…

Gotham Knights

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

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