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Gamora Kills Adam Warlock

In case you havent read the recap or spoilers for Infinity War # 2, you missed out a particularly brutal scene where Gamora kills Adam Warlock.

It shouldnt be a shock that Gamora is hell bent on getting that lost portion of her soul left behind in the Soul Gem and she had to wait for the meeting of stone holders to attack as Requiem.

She did manage to do that and more such as merging Steve Rogers aka Captain America and Doctor Strange.

But the biggest shocker is her brutal way of killing her former lover and ally.

It took awhile to get Adam Warlock back but it looks like he’ll be out of commission for awhile in this story.

Also you guys have to remember why its a big deal that Gamora Kills Adam Warlock because these were two characters deeply ingrained in the Infinity saga. They even took over the bodies of humans during the Infinity Gauntlet storyline to help Doctor Strange and the rest of Earth’s heroes from defeating Thanos.

These two were also members of the revamped Guardians of the Galaxy with Peter Quill as the leader.

I have to say Infinity Wars is ok. Hope it doesn’t deteriorate.

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