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Be a Gamechanger with new regional sports marketing agency Bolt28 Communications

There’s a new marketing agency in town and they will focus more on sports and the name is Bolt28 Communications.

The people behind this new sports marketing agency namely Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman firmly believe in their mantra “BE A GAMECHANGER”and they plan to do it through the marriage of sports and technology. The goal is to ensure the growth of traditional and non-traditional sports for both local and regional audiences. They are also set in developing strong grassroots programs and competitions on top of supporting athletes and doing events. That alone sounds fresh and interesting.

Both creators of the company went against the norm by coming back to the Philippines and both saw the big opportunities they can take here.

Laurence Mossman


Tricia Canilao

BOLT28 SIM Racing in Clark

For their first salvo, they go for the world of E-Sports in the form of their first even, BOLT28 SIM RACING. E-Sports has grown from being just an entertainment source to becoming a lucrative business and a massive worldwide community that is rapidly evolving through technology and online communication. As long as technology and digital platforms continue to progress, so too will the e-sports industry; and BOLT28 intends on innovating this area with the help of the private sector and the community.

Luis Moreno, one of the Philippines’ best SIM racing drivers

The Bolt28 Sim Racing competition brings the high-speed, exciting sport of Sim Racing to the Philippines. The competition will be taking place over 5 days at SM City Clark, with 3 days of qualifying time-trials followed by the semi-finals and finals. Aimed at growing different e-sports in the country, newcomers and seasoned drivers alike are encouraged to compete or simply try out sim racing and enjoy the thrill of racing, without having to leave the mall! There will be on ground activations, a chance for people of all ages to race, and special events such as the ‘Celebrity Race’, a ‘Campus Wars’ competition between Universities, and various entertainment across the 5 day event. Join the e-sports movement, experience the thrill and be a gamechanger!

Check out what the stage would look like for the BOLT28 SIM Racing event.

Partnership with eGG

Bolt28 Communications is also proud to announce their ongoing partnership with eGG, a regional television network, and an online streaming platform, to enable us to reach a wider community. They have also introduced James Deakin as our official Brand Ambassador for BOLT28. They believe that working with James to advance his cause and in turn introduce a whole new generation to the automotive industry through technology and e-sports.

BOLT28 and its creators are clear with their vision of working with Filipinos to show the rest of Asia that we can go head to head with any other international market! At the same time, BOLT28 provides the gateway for international companies to reach their target markets in the Philippines. Question is… “Are you ready to be a GAMECHANGER?”

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