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Marvel Comics Presents # 6 teases another potential daughter of Wolverine

The preview pages for Marvel Comics Presents # 6 teases fans with another potential daughter of Wolverine!

The issue will focus on Wolverine teaming up with the X-Men together with Alpha Flight’s Talisman in fighting off a demon who hunts Wolverine every 10 years. The X-Men and Wolverine are outmatched from this demon and its only when a mysterious woman clad in armor and brandishing bone claws that the victory is achieved.

The issue will be coming out July 2019 and will be written by Death of Wolverine scribe Charles Soule.

This isn’t the old child Wolverine has in the current timeline. He also had Daken who adopted the mantle of “Dark Wolverine” as well as Laura Kinney aka X-23.

This is an interesting development for Wolverine. Hopefully they follow through with this mysterious new character.

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