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Top Booths from Toycon 2019

Its Toycon 2019 weekend and we kick things off at some of the top booths from Toycon 2019. These could be stores or attractions but the important thing to make the list is that its cool.

Ravelo Komiks Universe

Walang bago with Ravelo but take note of them in the future because you may fall inline for an upcoming product in the near future. I am not telling what it is though.


Why is Converge on this list? Because their place has internet and bean bags and those are some of the things you welcome the most when attending big geek conventions like ToyCon.

Good Smile Company

So nice that we have a Good Smile Company booth now for all our anime and nendoroid needs. Won’t help if you are on a tight budget because these toys are awesome and adorable.

Pinoy LUG

This year, the folks at Pinoy LUG went for the Endgame displaying a nice Nano Gauntlet in their area.

Warner Bros / Annabelle

Get a selfie with the creepy doll in tge Warner display section. You may even get a selfie with Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It Chapter 2.

Big Boys Toy Store

Toycon and Funko would never be complete without Big Boys Toy Store.

Funko Jollibee Booth

The Jollibee is number one because that bee is a moneymaker apparently. The flocked Jollibee Funko Pop figure will only be available in ToyCon and now sold on eBay for as much as PhP15,000.

Funko Funatics

Ang cool lang na may tie-up sila and people are just flocking to the their booth. The group should all give themselves a pat in the back.

Of course this list of Top Booths from Toycon 2019 isn’t the complete list. I’m pretty sure there are other booths that brought their A-Game between today and tomorrow, which is the last day of the event.

In the meantime, there’s still time today so do drop by the SMX Convention Center for the Toycon 2019! Tickets are still available at the gate!

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