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Captain Marvel becomes a Kree Accuser – Empyre # 2 Spoilers

Empyre # 2 reveals that Captain Marvel becomes a Kree Accuser! Check out the Empyre # 2 spoilers by Al Ewing and Valerio Schiti from Marvel.

So how did Captain Marvel becomes a Kree Accuser?

Well after the surprise betrayal by the Cotati led by Quoi and the quick defeat of the combined might of the Kree and the Skrull who traveled to Earth’s moon to take out the Cotati before they can start their plans. The Avengers try to make amends while Quoi and his father, the former Avenger Swordsman, escape through a portal very similar to the X-Men’s Krakoan portals.

In space, Carol gets chastised by Major Glory and Super Skrull and they then try to free the command ship from Cotati attacks where the new emperor Dorrek aka Hulkling is being attacked together with the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards then discovers that Hulkling’s sword, the Sword of Space, can actually take out Cotati plants.

Carol and the remaining Avengers in space join the Kree and Skrull and Carol then offers herself to redistribute the energy of Hulkling’s Sword of Space to remove the Cotati from the ship.

She gets stabbed and blasts the sword’s energy all over the ship. After that she apparently “dies” but is revived with the help of Ronan The Accuser’s hammer.

Its during this moment that the Kree and the Skrull decide that they need Captain Marvel’s help and they would need her to be part of the Kree army.

Carol agrees to join the army with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four looking on…

Also that’s another member of the Avengers that gets a hammer and sort of joins another group aside from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The issue also ends in another cliffhanger, with the reveal that there’s a possibility that Hulkling may need to be forced to order the death and destruction of Earth.

Pretty OK book. You can check out my continued coverage of Empyre on the website!

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