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Age of X-Man Alpha # 1 Review

Nate Grey killed the X-Men at the end of X-Men Disassembled but did he? The Uncanny book goes to a different direction with Cyclops and Wolverine. While the rest of the mutants live in the Age of X-Man.

The book was written by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler with art by Ramon Rosanas.

The book has an interesting beat with the X-Men stuck in another world, a world created by Nate himself.

There’s a few things that makes this an interesting concept. We get a world that has various generations clashing with their looks and philosophy. It seems like our base generation would be the 50s with the Marvelous X-Men protecting the world.

As the story progresses, we get to meet the other mutants, now given a different purpose and role in this new Age. Apocalypse and his crew seem to operate with a 70s vibe. Meanwhile the X-Tremists looks and feels like the Black Panthers of the 60s.

Rockslide and Glob all belong to the 90s with the Nextgens.

That’s the beauty of this new event. There’s somethingĀ that could appealĀ to everybody.

I liked the mystery that the creative team is positing. And just like the other “Age” books, they went ahead and made their own history for this reality.

The art for the Alpha issue looks great thanks to the steady work of artist Ramon Rosanas. The colors and linework are clean and beautifully laid. Even when we’re dealing with dirty bits and pieces here, it still looks clean.

What turns me off about Age of X-Man Alpha # 1 and the entire Age of X-Man saga is that its ripping off Age of Apocalypse and to some extent, Age of X. The former was beautifully done while the latter seems OK to say the least. And now here comes “X-Man” and we’re not sure what to make of it.

Despite me being tired of the same old shit they do with the X-Books, Age of X-Man Alpha # 1 does generate curiosity. Readers may find the book’s intrigue something to spend significant cash on. I particularly like how they are doing the Bishop and Jean Grey romance. I already worry about the fallout too, what with Cyclops returning to land of the living and starting a new team with co-captain Wolverine.

Verdict: 9/10

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