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Jean Grey and Bishop are a Couple in Age of X-Man Alpha # 1

In this reality, we see a new alternate universe created by X-Man at the end of X-Men Disassembled. One of the massive changes they did for the X-Men is a surprise romance between Bishop and Jean Grey. That’s right, Jean Grey and Bishop are a couple in this reality. Better get ready shippers!

There’s a lot of unknowns for this new reality called Age of X-Man but from what we know, mutants are required to ask permission to breed and enter a relationship. If this law is broken, a set of mutant enforcers are required to send you to prison.

Anyway, the X-Men in this reality is a tight knit group and they have the heavy hitters including Jean and Bishop. On their off time we find the X-Men doing their own thing. You have to love that little panel where Jean Grey and Bishop’s hands are ever so slightly touching. And it’s understandable that this romance blossoms too, Cyclops is dead in this reality. So is Professor X. Unknown to them though, Cable brought Cyclops back to life.

Things get hot and heavy between the two and it goes from X-Men to XXX-Men.

This isn’t as interesting as what happens when they revert back to their original reality.

If you read Age of X, you’ll see how these fake relationships affect the real world like how Cyclops and Frenzy reacted when they returned.

Let’s see what happens afterwards.

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