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Mr and Mrs X # 7 Spoilers

Here are spoilers for Mr and Mrs X # 7 which was written by Kelly Thompson and art by Oscar Bazaldua.

Also cover art by Terry Dodson.

In this issue we see Rogue and Gambit going on a heist which they don’t realize was a fabrication by the classic villain Mojo. As they work their way to the target, they find out that its a nonsensical bird.

This confusion triggers Rogue’s evolving powers which makes her realize something is terribly wrong.

This also triggers her absorption powers which instantly kills Gambit.

Mojo isn’t pleased with the ending so he crafts a new show once more.

Spyral tells Mojo that something is wrong with Rogue but the big guy doesn’t pay attention to her suggestions.

The next show is a fantasy and romance show where Rogue is sleeping beauty.

And because Gambit was “killed”, they added in a new star to act opposite Rogue…

… and its none other than Longshot.

Will we get more information on Rogue’s new powers and what happened to Gambit? Why is the cover for next issue depicting Spyral with Gambit?

Mr and Mrs X # 7 now available in stores.

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