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New Iron Man VR Game Trailer spotlights Living Laser and Ghost

Marvel’s new trailer for Marvel’s Iron Man VR puts the spotlight not only on Tony Stark aka Iron Man but also two classic villains from the books who will be appearing in the Playstation 4 game – Living Laser and Ghost!

Check out the trailer below!

Here’s what Marvel.com wrote about the reveal for these two villains and their history with Tony Stark and Iron Man.

Last week, we detailed a Guide on Everything We Know About Marvel’s Iron Man VR, but the latest trailer has given us insight on a couple more things.

Let’s tackle it here!


Years after retiring from his role as a weapons maker, Tony Stark must now suit up to fight against Ghost and Living Laser, who have joined forces in attempt to take him and Stark Industries down once and for all.

Ghost makes her intentions clear in the trailer: “Welcome to your trial, Stark.”

“The dead find you guilty on all counts,” adds Ghost, “The living won’t find you at all.”


The launch trailer revealed another key antagonist keen on taking down Tony – Living Laser!

Marvel Comics readers will recognize Living Laser—the Super Villain created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, first introduced in THE AVENGERS #34—a recurring antagonist in Iron Man’s rogues’ gallery.

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